Saturday, October 17, 2015

Skydiving for Beginners (part 2 of 2)

Group Formation

Diving in a formation with a group is considered an art.  This works by diving and creating a formation while in the state of free fall before breaking off and then opening up your parachute as you land back to the surface.  An interesting trivia on this sport is that the world record of skydivers who have performed this is 400 and they were able to stick with their formation for about 4.25 seconds from the height of 25,000 feet in Udon Thai, Thailand. 

Freestyling Solo

This is considered the most entertaining kind of skydive.  This is where skydivers can perform some tricks by doing some acrobatic stunts like rolling, tumbling and other aerial tricks while on freefall before opening their parachute and landing.  Usually skydivers performing this would need a partner skydiver.

The second skydiver won’t be performing stunts but instead their purpose is to film the entire performance from a video camera lodged in their helmet.  This type of dive is in fact a registered competitive sport since 1996 by the FAI.

Free Flying Your Way

This kind of skydiving is also considered an art by which you get to control your body to move in different static positions while on freefall before opening up your parachute and landing safely.  Some moves you need to learn before performing this dive are Sit Flying, Back Flying and Head Down. This will help you control your speed and flight.

Before opening up your parachute you will need to do some exit rolls as you end your free fall so you can land safely.

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